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How To Improve Your Conversion Rate with SEO?

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    For years, business owners have struggled with one major question regarding their website:

    Should they tailor their site design to satisfy the humans who visit it, or should they tailor it to satisfy the search engines that lead visitors there in the first place?

    It’s not an easy choice to make. You need the search engines to love you in order for people to find your site. But you need humans to have an excellent experience on your website if you want those visits to turn into conversations.

    Fortunately, there’s no longer much need to choose between SEO (search engine optimization) and CRO (conversion rate optimization). In fact, the more sophisticated search engines become, the more SEO and CRO go hand-in-hand.

    After all, search engines have one objective: to identify the web pages that will be most useful to the human beings searching for them. With advancements in technology, the bots are increasingly sensitive to the nuances of the user experience. They’re no longer just trolling for keywords (though keywords are still important!). Now search engines collect hundreds of clues to determine how informative, intuitive and engaging your site is.

    This means search engine optimization is also a stellar guideline for improving your conversation rate.

    If you’re still just keyword-stuffing in an attempt to get more eyeballs, you’re a couple of steps behind. The good news is that there are countless moves you can make that will boost your search engine rankings and inspire more conversions at the same time.

    Here are some game-changers to start with.

    How To Improve Your Conversion Rate with SEO?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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