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Data Driven Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing targets your desired audience with advertisements using demographic information on popular networks like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Done right, it can make a big impact and succeed in helping business find new potential clients.

How it works?

Social media marketing is a term used to describe online advertising (paid efforts) that focus on social networking sites. One of the major benefits of advertising on a social networking site (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) is that advertisers can take advantage of the users demographic information and target their ads appropriately. Social media marketing combines current targeting options (like geotargeting, behavioral targeting, socio-psychographic targeting, etc.), to make detailed target group identification possible. With social media advertising, advertisements are distributed to users based on information gathered from target group profiles. It’s an excellent choice for generating leads, sales, increasing your visibility, and increasing brand awareness.

A Results Based Approach to Social Media Marketing

1- Review

To understand the current health our your business’ digital presence, we analyze your products and services, website, and social media presence.

2- Content

Using information gathered, we will craft content for your ads tailored to the targeted audience. This involves graphic design and copy creation.

3- Analysis

To be competitive you need to understand your competition. We do this by taking a dive into your competitor’s advertising, keywords, audience etc.

4- Execution

Ready, set, launch! We will set your campaign live and continuously run tests – monitoring, tweaking, and optimizing the content.

5- Audience

Smart marketing speaks to a specific, tailored audience. We define your ideal customers’ demographics, interests, and geography.

6- Remarketing

Your most valuable prospects are the ones already visiting your website. Using remarketing techniques, we will retarget these visitors on social media.

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We will devise, execute, and optimize a digital marketing strategy to grow your business.

The Most Important Social Media Platforms


Currently, the leader in social media advertising trends, Facebook and Instagram advertising works for just about every business. They’re unique in their ability to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors in addition to things like where people travel, shop, and more.


With over 1.3 billion users, YouTube has become more than a place to watch videos – it serves as the world’s second most visited search engine behind Google. This provides a powerful platform to get in front of your target audience.


LinkedIn’s targeting particularly shines when it comes to employee and company-specific targeting. Industry, position, seniority, and company size are a few ways LinkedIn allows businesses to hone in on a target audience in addition to age and location demographics.


Pinterest reached over 200 million monthly active Pinterest users as of September 2017. Pinterest advertising offers campaigns based on an advertising objective. Advertisers can target audiences based on interests and keywords.

The Benefits of a Data Driven Social Media Campaign

Brand Awareness

With the large percent of the population on social media, word of your company will quickly spread.

Generate Sales

Social media marketing provides an excellent platform to attract new potential business.

Boost Revenue

Your revenue will increase thanks to relevant people to your business being exposed to your ads.

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We will devise, execute, and optimize a digital marketing strategy to grow your business.

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We will devise, execute, and optimize a digital marketing strategy to grow your business.