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Digital Marketing Research & Strategy

Before we can start any strategizing or campaign building, we need to understand who your customers are, what channels they frequent, and what businesses they choose over you. This data will let us create a data-driven picture of your business. We will use this information to draft a personalized and informed marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Research

At LookinLA, we combine the most advanced analytics with creative insights to devise, execute, and optimize a digital marketing strategy for your brand. We created this signature system with the goal of helping businesses like yours connect with more buyers on a meaningful level. Through the processes of discovery and mapping, we research your brand and market to devise a strategy tailored to your objectives and your customers’ values. We then develop compelling content designed to engage your customers through a variety of digital marketing channels. Our expert team executes your marketing scheme with pay-per-click ads, social media content, SEO, experiential marketing, and other efforts flawlessly strategized to reach customers when they’re most responsive to your messaging. Finally, we employ a system of monitoring and analysis that allows us to continually learn, adapt, and optimize our strategy to elevate your brand. 

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We will devise, execute, and optimize a digital marketing strategy to grow your business.


We use innovative analytics tools to discover strategy-defining insights about your company, your customer, your market, and your competitors. We discuss business goals with stakeholders. Then, with the help of cutting-edge technology, we evaluate your current performance online, explore the psychology and behavior of your buyers, and analyze the strategies, content, and budgets that define your competitors’ marketing efforts. We then combine these data with in-depth market analysis to design a digital marketing strategy that makes the most of your resources to reach your business objectives.


Using the insights gained in discovery, we design the blueprint for your digital marketing strategy. Our expert team determines the marketing channels that will be most effective in achieving your goal and designs an approach to content that resonates with your target customer. Throughout this process, they calculate the most productive use of your resources, ultimately mapping a digital marketing scheme formulated for optimized spending. By the conclusion of this phase, we are equipped with the strategy that will position your company in the forefront of your industry.

digital marketing mapping

Content Development

Our expert team members combine their strategic and creative talents to construct a content strategy guaranteed to engage your customers on an emotional level. Using insights uncovered in the discovery phase, we develop a system of messaging that turns interaction with your brand into an emotionally connective experience for your buyers.

content strategy marketing


Now equipped with the necessary insights, a data-backed marketing strategy, and compelling content, we execute our plan for elevating your brand. This includes social media content, pay-per-click advertising, SEO strategy, email campaigns, experiential marketing, video, and more. All content is highly targeted to connect with buyers based on their current needs, values, and position within the marketing funnel.


This phase defines the cyclical nature of our signature approach to digital marketing strategy. We use the most advanced tools available to monitor and review the success of our efforts. Our team then uses these metrics to continuously optimize the strategy to ensure that your brand consistently advances within your market. Regular analytics also allows us to provide you with ROI statistics so you can see the monetary value of your new marketing scheme.

marketing optimization

Research & Strategy Benefits

Targeted Marketing

By conducting thorough research, we can pinpoint the exact prospect ideal for your business. This means more efficient advertising and more sales for you.

Intelligent Spending

Because we utilize data, insights, and intelligence, we ensure you never spend a cent more than is required to capture your target audience.

Results Based

Data-driven marketing shows proven results. When using data as the backbone for strategy, you win getting the right people to perform your desired action.

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We will devise, execute, and optimize a digital marketing strategy to grow your business.

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We will devise, execute, and optimize a digital marketing strategy to grow your business.