3900 W Alameda Ave #1200, Burbank


Open Mon – Fri 9:00-7:00

Facebook Advertising Workshop


Facebook makes it easy for businesses like yours to share photos, videos, and posts to reach, engage, and sell to more than 1 billion active users. This course walks you through Facebook Advertising and its nuances to help you pinpoint your ideal audience and gain a ten-fold return on your investment. It takes you further than Facebook itself by exploring what happens before customers click on your ads and what needs to happen after—10 seconds later, 10 minutes later, and in the following days and weeks.



LookinLA Office, Burbank, California


What you’ll learn:  

  • Learn every aspect of Facebook advertising
  • Optimize your Facebook ads for increased conversions and decreased costs
  • Grow your Facebook page likes and post engagement 
  • You will be able to find new customers that will drive your brand to new heights 


Who this workshop is for:

  • Small business owners
  • Bloggers, Influencers, Public Figures
  • Online marketers and marketing reps
  • Advertising managers
  • Corporations
  • Looking to master Facebook Ads!
  • ANYONE looking for the most highly targeted and cheapest advertising strategies on Facebook!


Workshop Topics:

  • What Is Facebook Advertising
  • Getting Started: Business Page, Business Manager, and Instagram
  • Ads Manager Overview
  • Facebook Ad Guidelines and Policies
  • Facebook Pixel Setup
  • Creating Facebook Ads, Special Ad Types
  • Audience Development
  • Creative Best Practices: Copy, Image, & Video
  • Building Your Sales Funnel
  • Setting Up Remarketing
  • Mastering Ad Targeting Like the Pros
  • How to Master A/B Testing
  • Analyzing Your Results