[Press Release] Authority Marketing Key Post-Pandemic



Wed., Sep 29, 2021

Jonathan Lockwood


Authority marketing key post-pandemic

LookinLA’s Ali Payani shares insights into harnessing data, digital and creative to expand companies as industry authorities

LOS ANGELES—Authority marketing is the key to post-pandemic long-term growth, says Ali Payani, co-founder and CEO of LookinLA. Payani isn’t your typical marketing professional. The Iranian, former national basketball player, chess champion and pianist, earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science and his master’s degree in IT management from the University of Wollongong.

“Powerful authority marketing is like alchemy, you are transforming data, science and art into transformative strategies and delivering solutions and results to expand a company and respond to consumers,” said Payani. “Post-pandemic, authority marketing is the only way to go.”

What is authority marketing? Authority marketing is research-backed marketing that transforms expanding companies into authorities in their markets. A distinguisher between LookinLA is its synergy of market research and expertise that leverages analytics to drive storytelling. This expertise harnesses data to provide insights to solve problems, fix bottlenecks and create impactful narratives.

“We believe authority is superior to influence and advertising, precision requires skillful expertise, and brand reputation is paramount to prosperity,” said Payani. “Our team has a no-compromise policy on growth and solution building. Adaptive strategies lead to successful solutions.”

Feasibility of solutions shouldn’t be constraining, though, feasibility should be expansive. To empower the spirit of their approach, LookinLA has partnered with Forrester, a leading global market research company that helps organizations exceed customer demands and excel with technology. 

LookinLA leverages Forrester’s capabilities to gain deeper insights on clients’ needs and market research. Paired with their arsenal of 15 research tools, LookinLA and its clients expanded during an unprecedented global pandemic, amid lockdowns and social unrest. LookinLA achieved over a 300% expansion and retained 100% of their client base, and even doubled in full-time staff.

“Precision growth strategies have tripled our clients’ key metrics and helped them adapt to the changing climate. From PeopleG2 to CaliforniaLightWorks, we provided the tools, creative and success to not only survive the pandemic, but to thrive during it, setting them up for post-pandemic success,” Payani said. “Not everyone can share that story, so we are here to help businesses rebuild post-pandemic too. Positioning your company as an industry authority is critical, we bring that from aspiration to reality.”


About LookinLA

LookinLA is a Los Angeles-based team of award-winning digital marketing experts that create comprehensive, customer-centric strategies that incorporate everything required to turn great businesses into industry authorities and leaders. The firm is introducing the Elotive framework to offer strategy and planning for companies looking to transform their marketing and align sales and marketing execution to the constant evolution in environment to a wider range of clients across industries. LookinLA is expanding its content and video production services by using the highest quality of motion graphic and animation.

About Ali Payani
Ali Payani, an Iranian immigrant, came to the U.S. after living in Dubai, to visit a conference and meet with other entrepreneurs and investors. He is a former national basketball player, chess champion and pianist and earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science and his master’s degree in IT management from the University of Wollongong. His work has been recognized internationally - and he is often invited to speak at conventions, teach workshops about business growth, leadership, digital marketing, computer security, and artificial intelligence

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