Marketing maximizes valuation, boosts exit strategy



Mon., Dec. 13, 2021

Jonathan Lockwood


Marketing maximizes valuation, boosts exit strategy

LookinLA unpacks how marketing strategy amplifies valuation for better results

LOS ANGELES—Transforming a company’s marketing can amplify its valuation and improve an exit strategy. Whether company leaders plan to sell in one to three years, revamping your marketing strategy to insure best practices is imperative, says Los Angeles-based firm LookinLA’s co-founder Ali Payani. 


Payani recently penned a piece in Forbes detailing exactly how companies can use modernized marketing strategies to maximize their valuation.   


“You’ve invested years growing your company and are proud of what you’ve accomplished, but you’re ready to turn over the reins to someone else,” Payani said. “Whether you’re preparing for retirement or simply pursuing another project, having an exit strategy is vital.”


Adopting a future-forward marketing strategy can increase sales, brand awareness and brand authority to maximize the value of the company to gain the highest possible valuation when selling. 


“It may seem odd to be updating so many facets of your company when you’re planning on bowing out. However, the more up-to-date your company is, the better,” added Payani. “No investor wants to pour money into a business that’s behind the times, so a little spruce up is necessary in the months ahead of your exit.”


LookinLA suggests companies begin with a thorough audit of all their processes and content to develop improvements. Updating websites with the latest user design, aligning content like ads and blog posts with industry trends, and addressing any technological gaps with competitors are all key facets.


LookinLA also suggests that account-based marketing delivers a 97% higher ROI. Account-based marketing means less wasted resources as you’ll identify and pursue high-value leads. It works by first drafting ideal customer personas and breaking them down according to tiers. 


In 2021, 70% of marketers reported using ABM, as compared to only 15% in 2021. Per Forrester, 69% of Millennial buyers, the dominant demographic in the B2B sphere, report marketing materials are often extraneous. Omni-channel marketing takes a less is more approach that personalizes the shopping experience. 



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