Forbes Business Council brings in Ali Payani



Mon., Feb. 7, 2022

Jonathan Lockwood


Forbes Business Council brings in Ali Payani

LookinLA co-founder and CEO accepts invitation

LOS ANGELES—The Forbes Business Council invited LookinLA co-founder and CEO Ali Payani to join the council. The Forbes Business Council’s members are respected leaders and executives, who are selected based on their depth and diversity of experience spanning leadership, management, public engagement, technology and growth. 


Payani heads LookinLA—an award-winning growth agency in Los Angeles—after coming to the United States from Dubai in 2016, bringing vast experience in technology and business. Payani positions great companies as industry authorities, starting with a deep-dive data assessment to architect an advanced digital marketing strategy.


“The Forbes Business Council’s invitation to join is a privilege and I’m grateful to be a member to not only share my experience and background with other leaders, but to learn and engage,” said Payani in a statement. “We all have different stories to tell, success and aspirations—and I think that the Forbes Business Council affords its members, and as a result society, the opportunity to grow.”


“Members of our elite business communities receive three pillars of value: connections, visibility, and growth,” per the Forbes Business Council. “Members help one another grow personally and professionally through posts, discussion rooms, direct connections, and virtual events.”


Payani aims to share the fast success of LookinLA, driven by his experience as a serial entrepreneur, innovative digital marketer and strategic management consultant. He has also been a member of the Forbes’ Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) and his commentary is regularly featured in media. 


LookinLA provides clients with digital transformation, account-based marketing, design and production. 


Additionally, the firm manages clients’ email and video marketing, social media, PPC advertising, influencer marketing and experiential marketing, and bolsters marketing with public relations. Results are meticulously monitored, measured and engineered to ensure real-time, outcome-driven and optimized execution.


Payani’s expertise in artificial intelligence gave him the adeptness and command of digital marketing. Data-driven marketing generated rapid success for his clients, even amid the pandemic, which allowed him to continue growing his firm in both revenue, clients and staff.



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