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Smart Cleanse

Smart Cleanse founder Savannah Daisley spent years establishing her brand in Australia, where she became known for her 14 day naturopathic detox program. She helped many Australians get on track to a healthier, happier lifestyle, and eventually decided it was time to take her brand overseas. She needed to find a way to expand and launch her product in the United States.

The Services

Here is the list of services we provide to Smart Cleanse:

  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization
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Smart Cleanse partnered with LookinLA to develop a digital marketing strategy to help her take Smart Cleanse to the next level. We started by doing careful research and analysis on both Smart Cleanse and the larger wellness market. We took the information we learned and converted it into a comprehensive, data-driven marketing plan for both the Australian and United States market. 

Almost right away, Smart Cleanse reaped the benefits of our strategy. Within the first month of execution, Smart Cleanse saw an average 70% increase in total sales and orders. Savannah and her team were so happy with the results they’re already looking to scale up their marketing strategy even more.

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