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“The Leading Mindset” Podcast with Ali Payani

The Leading Mindset with Ali Payani podcasts go live every week and highlights the winning perspective of business leaders. The host Ali Payani is the Co-founder and CEO at LookinLA.

Ep #7: Creative Solutions in a Restricted Market with Alyssa Tucker

Entrepreneurs in the CBD industry face a major paradox. There is more opportunity in the market than ever before, but the legal limitations and marketing restrictions are no joke. Alyssa Tucker, founder and CEO of the CBD skincare boutique Hydro Kitty, joins Ali to discuss her strategies for promoting her brand and finding success. She also shares how her background in UX has shaped her entrepreneurial instincts and her approach to pairing patients with the best solutions. You don’t want to miss this one.

Ep #6: Staying Ahead of the Curve with George Mekhtarian

As far as George Mekhtarian is concerned, few things are worse than looking back on your life with regrets. Listen as the CEO of California LightWorks talks to Ali about the value of taking risks, what it means to have the stamina of an entrepreneur, and how starting a business in the 90s taught him to be patient in this new age of immediate gratification. Mekhtarian also describes his journey with California LightWorks and how he capitalized on a niche opportunity at the perfect moment.

Ep #5: Recognizing Hidden Opportunities with Julian Gonzalez

Business excellence begins with an open mind. No one knows this better than cryptocurrency investor, angel investor, and functional fitness coach Julian Gonzalez-Becerra. Listen in as Julian and Ali talk about discovering inspiration and insight in everyday conversations. Gozalez-Becerra also shares his best tips for staying calm, finding the growth opportunity in every challenge, and seizing opportunities before it’s gone for good.

Ep #4: Connection and Curiosity in Leadership with Sam Vaghar

If anyone knows the secret to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit, it’s Sam Vaghar. Join Ali as he speaks with the Executive Director of Millennium Campus Network about how the organization guides and empowers undergraduate students all over the world to become successful leaders. Also Executive Director of UN Women, Vaghar discusses the importance of human connection, curiosity, reading, and learning in any business owner’s effort to drive the world forward. Don’t miss this inspiring and insightful discussion.

Ep #3: “Go where you are wanted! ” with Ben Reiss

What personality traits are key for entrepreneurs wishing to forge their own path? According to Ben Reiss, Business Development Manager at the L.A. Chamber of Commerce, self-awareness, and honesty should be the first priority. In this episode, Ben shares his insights about the leadership mindset, his own journey from the entertainment industry to entrepreneurial pursuits to leadership roles within the larger business community. Los Angeles-based business owners will also want to tune in to hear about the benefits and services our local chamber of commerce offers small and mid-sized businesses.

Ep #2: “You haven’t failed until you quit.” with Mark Gustafson

“You haven’t failed until you quit.” Join Ali as he speaks with Mark Gustofson, founder and COO of Oprah’s favorite bike firm, StoryBikes. From founding his philanthropic company, StoryBikes, to becoming CEO of the Airbnb-style bicycle rental platform, Spinlister, Mark has learned what it takes to succeed as a business leader. In this episode, Mark talks about his journey with StoryBikes, his vision for Spinlister, the challenges of entrepreneurship, and why determination and a desire to learn are central to success.

Ep #1: Video Production Strategy with Greg Heller

Video connects your business to an audience in a way no other medium can. In this episode, Video Impact CEO Greg Heller joins Ali to discuss the importance of video production for every industry and why it’s essential to develop a clear marketing strategy before you start shooting. Whether you want to build trust with consumers, demonstrate the value of your product, or create an emotional connection between brand and buyer, this episode is a can’t-miss for entrepreneurs.

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