B2B (business-to-business) marketing refers to marketing efforts geared toward a business audience. Any business that sells goods or services to other companies, organizations, or entrepreneurs needs a strong B2B marketing strategy. For example, companies that lease office space, offer printing services, or sell lead generation software would all be considered B2B businesses.

Why is B2B Marketing Different from B2C Marketing?

The alternative to B2B marketing is B2C marketing. B2C—or “business-to-consumer” marketing—is a form of advertising that focuses on selling to individuals. But selling is selling, right? What difference does it make whether your company is B2B or B2C?

It actually makes a pretty big difference. The most basic principles are still the same. In both cases, you want to identify pain points and prove that you can provide a much-needed solution. But those pain points and the way you address them should be very different. Individuals who make purchasing decisions on behalf of a company or organization are likelier to look at statistics, facts, and dollar amounts. They’re most worried about the bottom line and must be able to support their decisions with reason and research. In B2C marketing, the consumer is more likely to be swayed by emotional connections, an appeal to their values, and the fantasy of a certain lifestyle.