Public Relations

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A good public relations strategy is about more than just getting your name in the press. Where, when, and why drive our approach. We target publications related to your industry, find topical angles through which to present your brand, and are conscientious about our messaging. 

Expanding Your Audience. Accelerating Your Growth

We work with you to determine a tailored PR strategy that aligns with your overall marketing scheme. Our PR specialists determine the niche outlets, audience, messaging, and timeline to ensure your company news receives maximum coverage.

Reach New Audiences

Write ups in relevant publications connect you to your target audience. expanding your name recognition and ultimately your revenue.

Maintain Relevance

Markets change fast – frequent press hits can make your business look ahead of the game. Name recognition will keep you relevant for the long haul.

Discover New Partnerships

Thought leadership pieces and executive team interviews can help develop your reputation as an authority figure in your field. This will put you on the radar of companies seeking partnerships.

Boost Your Visibility With Prime Press Placement

Establish authority, relevance, and reputation for your company on a national level. This both attracts new customers and potential investors. Keeping the public up-to-date on your business is key to long-term growth.


Product Launches

Generate excitement

We can research audience motivators, behaviors, and perceptions to find effective ways to get customers enthusiastic about what you’re doing next. 

New Partnerships

Connect With Like-Minded People

A mutually beneficial partnership can open up a whole new world of opportunities. Connecting yourself publicly to a well-known brand can boost your authority.

Success Stories

Show. Don’t Tell

Sure, you say have a great product, but does it actually work? Testimonials really entice people to buy, so we’ll get the word out that people are finding benefits from your product or service.

Case Studies

Evidence Shows Tangible Value

Case studies really show what you can do. They tell a story that gets down to the specifics and shows how your company provided clients with measurable results.


Share Your Victories

Win an award? That’s great. Our team will put out an announcement to re-engage customers and help establish your authority in the field


Stay In The Headlines

This is a great way to bring customers back. If they’ve shown interest in your product but did not convert, giving them updates on your company’s major milestones is a great way to re-engage.

Our other services

Email Marketing

Important for building relationships with prospects, leads, current customers, and even past customers. It gives you a chance to speak directly to them, in their inbox.

Pay Per Click

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising allows marketers to bid for a paid placement in a search engine’s results. The result is high traffic and exposure from billions of searches.


Be the first business people think of when they think of your industry. We optimize your content to rank higher in search engines and to increase sales, conversations, and brand authority.