Story Bikes

Story Bikes has always been about riding locally and thinking globally. Once listed as one of Oprah’s favorite things, Story Bikes is known for their philanthropy as much as their top-tier e-bikes. For every bike sold, Story Bikes sends one bike to a student in Zimbabwe. While they were an established brand for a long time, they decided they wanted to scale up their digital marketing endeavors to make Story Bikes even more widely known.

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Story Bikes Story

Story Bikes partnered up with LookinLA to develop an action plan. Our team started by assessing the current situation to identify growth opportunities by conducting gap analysis. Eventually, we compiled the information we gathered into a comprehensive, data driven marketing strategy to help Story Bike achieve even more success and recognition. After adopting our strategy, Story Bikes saw results immediately. 

In just 30 days, Story Bikes saw a 64% increase in sales and a 31% increase in their online store conversion rates. Story Bikes plans to continue working with LookinLA in the future to continue to elevate their digital presence, increasing brand awareness and pursue growth in the long term.

The Services

Here is the list of services we provide to Story Bikes: