PH2 Nutrition

PH2 Nutrition is a nutritional counseling service founded by Kevin Libby that offers proprietary testing methods to determine each individual’s unique metabolism.

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PH2 Nutrition Story

Kevin Libby, the nutritional counselor behind PH2 Nutrition, saw his client list explode about three years ago. Two of his nutrition advice videos were featured on Buzzfeed, earning him millions of views and a lot of fans. However, as time went on, his hit videos were buried under the constant cycle of new content. In an effort to keep his numbers up, he updated his website and came to LookinLA for new marketing solutions.

To make the most of Kevin’s resources, our team devised a highly targeted advertising strategy. PH2 Nutrition is a high-end nutritional counseling service. Our campaigns had to focus on reaching buyers in the top 20% income bracket. The team at LookinLA created content designed for high earners, including blog posts and videos centered on trending topics in diet and nutrition. We repurposed existing content to generate new leads and targeted awareness campaigns to reach buyers who are most likely to benefit from Kevin’s expertise.

PH2 Nutrition now enjoys a steady flow of high-quality leads. Instead of chasing down new clients, Kevin fills his calendar easily and can even be selective in the clients he takes on.