Nutsinbox is a subscription service that sells pre-portioned nuts, organic gummies, and dried fruit. When they approached LookinLA about a partnership, they had a strong foundation in terms of their ideas and product, but were still unsure how to best get their message across. They wanted assistance both building their website and raising brand awareness through advertising and content.

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About NutsInBox

While creating the Nutsinbox website, we prioritized providing a quality user experience based on thoroughly researched buyer personas and current trends in web design. As Nutsinbox offers a variety of services and products, we had to take special care to ensure our copy reflected every possible buying scenario while still maintaining a simple, straightforward interface. Over the course of three to four months, we created everything from the homepage to the subscription checkout page. The end result was a comprehensive website with a sleek, simple modern design that aligns with today’s audience requirements. In addition to building Nutsinbox’s website, we provided them with marketing materials including blog posts and video advertisements to help them reach consumers.