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Little Fishkopp was launched in 2015 as a German-inspired organic kids clothing brand. Because they are committed to making eco-friendly clothing that lasts, all of their products are crafted from 100% certified organic cotton.

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Little Fishkopp Story

Little Fishkopp sells children’s apparel, including sleep bags—a product considered essential in the founder’s native Germany, but previously unfamiliar to the U.S. market. With limited competition and a high-quality product, Little Fishkopp was set up to be a leader among sleep bag sellers. They only had to make parents aware of the product and its value. Through rigorous, community-based marketing, the team generated buzz, steadily increased sales, and cultivated a culture around Little Fishkopp’s sleep bags.

When they were ready to expand their reach, Little Fishkopp came to LookinLA. It was immediately clear to our team that the greatest opportunity for growth lay in their most distinctive product: the sleep bag. To make the most of the company’s marketing resources, we designed a comprehensive paid advertising strategy focused on the quality, charm, and necessity of the product that sets Little Fishkopp apart in an otherwise crowded market. We revamped the website and ran highly targeted ad campaigns. The result was an immediate increase in brand awareness, email sign-ups, online sales, and returning customers.