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Blush Beverly Hills is the premier destination for natural, beautiful aesthetic results without invasive surgery. Created by renowned surgeon Dr. Leif Rogers, Blush offers advanced non-surgical treatments crafted by a highly qualified medical team. We believe in enhancing confidence and beauty through safe and efficient methods using the latest scientific advancements. Say goodbye to harsh procedures and hello to a refreshed, rejuvenated, and revitalized you.


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Fueling Lead Generation, Awareness, Engagement, and Insights

Blush approached LookinLA for marketing with the primary objectives of boosting brand awareness, generating more leads, and scaling their business. They also aimed to enhance audience engagement through social media content and provide greater insights into their services. Their goals included increasing website engagement, improving ad performance, and driving higher SEO rankings and organic traffic.

Blush had a desire to inform their audience about the latest techniques and advanced machines they utilized in their services. They recognized the importance of educating their audience on these technologies, such as different lip fillers, who the ideal candidates are, and more. By sharing this knowledge, Blush aimed to emphasize the significance of understanding these services and the benefits they offer.

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Blush Blossoms: Omni-Channel Marketing Tactics Led to Remarkable Results

We developed a comprehensive marketing strategy for Blush, redesigning their website with a modern look and educational content. Our detailed SEO strategy increased organic traffic. New display ads on social media platforms expanded online visibility. Implementation of a CRM system enhanced customer relationship management. Email marketing funnels and blogging strategies increased engagement and lead generation.

  • Developed a comprehensive marketing strategy.
  • Redesigned the website with a modern and educational approach.
  • Implemented a detailed SEO strategy for increased organic traffic.
  • Created new display ads on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram).
  • Dominated online impressions through thorough keyword research.
  • Implemented a CRM system for effective customer relationship management.
  • Developed sophisticated email marketing funnels.
  • Utilized blogging strategies to boost engagement and lead generation.
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