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LookinLA Drive: Introducing Our Annual Marketing Report

Since 2014, LookinLA has used the power of data to help businesses grow, and not just in terms of raising profit margins or acquiring new customers. Our goal has always been to transform our partners into industry leaders. From healthcare to staffing to science and technology, we have helped a diverse array of partners see unprecedented success with our comprehensive data-backed strategies that evolve alongside an ever-advancing digital world.

As of this year, we are now compiling our knowledge into comprehensive annual reports. In other words, we are sharing what helps our companies grow with a wider audience.

This quarter, we released reports on the state of both the B2B and eCommerce sphere – both of which are experiencing unique changes due to a combination of COVID-19 and shifting buyer demographics. Based on extensive market research, data analysis, and our own professional experience, we have pinpointed key industry trends and prospective changes to be aware of going into 2022.

Our reports cover:

  • The current state of B2B and eCommerce marketing and future trends
  • Analytics on shifting consumer needs and behavior
  • Key B2B and eCommerce challenges and how to overcome them
  • Specific strategies to help you gain an edge over the competition

You can download the reports here:

To learn more about what we’ve done for our partners, you can look at some of our case studies.

Looking Back: Our Quarterly Achievements

Taking ABM to The Next Level With Terminus

As we grow and develop as a company, we are continuing to foster partnerships with some of the top companies in the marketing sphere. We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Terminus to help us take our ABM services to the next level.

With 70+ Ad Networks at their disposal, Terminus gives us access to navigation channels that can help you make conversions through Ads, Chat, Web Personalization, and Email. They provide the most complete marketing-centric attribution, reporting, and analytics on the market, allowing your marketing team to fully understand their impact on your business at large.

A Modern Website For A Changing Digital World

If you’ve been to the LookinLA website lately, you probably noticed things look a little different! Over the past year, we have overhauled our website to both better reflect our evolving range of services and to create a more intuitive, easy-to-navigate design.

Part of the reason LookinLA is known for rapid client success is our dedication to innovation. As the world changes, so do best marketing practices and, in turn, our approach. We have updated our website’s copy and content to both reflect our new services (including Account-Based Marketing) and update our case studies to add new partners.

Which brings us to our next update!  

Congratulations To Our Valued Partners

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our diverse range of partners see success and growth. We wanted to take a moment to highlight our partners’ achievements this past quarter. 

Dr. Leif Rogers Launches CORR: The Latest In Medical Technology

We have worked with Dr. Leif Rogers for many years on a variety of projects, from his private practice to his medspa BLUSH Beverly Hills. Dr. Rogers has just launched a new project – The Center For Optimal Repair Recovery (CORR).

CORR is an exclusive, members-only service that provides access to innovative therapies based on the most recent research and medical discoveries, including:

  • Post-surgery recovery
  • Recovery from sports injury
  • Recovery from accident-related injury
  • Health and healing for ailments related to aging
  • Adjunct therapies to support more traditional treatments for acute and chronic illness

Chris Dyer Book Release: A Must-Read For Managing Remotely 

Our partnership with Chris Dyer goes back many years. From revamping PeopleG2’s website to launching email marketing campaigns for Chris’s speaking engagements, we have truly enjoyed working with Chris over the years. We are excited to share that Chris has published his second book!

Remote Work, co-written with former Decision Toolbox CEO Kim Shepherd, is a comprehensive guide to building your team and company culture 100% remotely, an especially timely topic. It’s a must-read for CEOs and company leaders dealing with the newly remote workforce. Get your copy here.

nuts inbox Launch: A New Subscription Service Hits The Market

nuts inbox is a new company that delivers hand-picked nuts, dried fruits, and gummies all made from premium ingredients straight to customers’ front doors. This helps health-conscious consumers have nutritious, portioned snacks on hand. LookinLA was instrumental in helping them build their brand in anticipation of their launch.

We built nuts inbox’s marketing strategy from the ground up by:

  • Designing and developing the nuts inbox website
  • Developing ideal customer personas
  • Providing marketing materials such as blog posts and video advertisements
  • Orchestrating social media and email marketing campaigns
  • Authored copy for every buying scenario while maintaining a simple, straightforward interface

Now that the nuts inbox website is live, we can’t wait to see the places they’ll go.

What Else Is New? LookinLA’s Quarterly Developments

Entering A Digital World

These days, a high-quality website is the backbone of any successful company as more and more transactions are happening in the digital sphere. Even businesses that traditionally relied on word-of-mouth or walk-in traffic are feeling the pressure to increase their online presence as the world becomes more remote.

With that in mind, we work one-on-one with every client to ensure they have a strong web presence. This entails both creating new websites from scratch and continually improving existing ones in light of shifting trends and industry changes.

CORR: Web Development For A Complex Field

Dr. Rogers’s latest project, CORR, is an exclusive, members-only service that provides patients access to cutting-edge treatments that fill in common gaps in patient care. CORR provides its clients with intensive, innovative therapies that can do everything from accelerate healing after injuries to reduce the risk of any number of serious diseases.

When writing about complex technologies and medical services, accuracy and appropriate tone and language are vital. We worked one-on-one with Dr. Rogers and his team to ensure CORR’s website was user-friendly and engaging while presenting reliable, useful information to prospective clients. Check it out here.

nuts inbox: Making A Multifaceted Buyer Journey Digital

Every new company needs a strong website. nuts inbox came to us with a strong idea – make filling, heart-healthy snacks readily available to busy consumers. We knew right away that they had a strong product that met the needs of the modern world. These days, not everyone has time to extensively research the food they eat or even run to the supermarket to stock up. nuts inbox is a company that does that work for the consumer, a massive time-saver, and a simple way to make a commitment to your health.

From the taglines to the copy to the design, we made sure nuts inbox reflected these values and goals. We also made sure that the checkout options accounted for every possible buyer scenario. The nuts inbox website is now live. Check it out here.

California Lightworks: Staying Up-To-Date With An In-Flux Field

The cannabis industry has seen some big changes in 2021, and this is only the beginning. With legal regulations in a constant state of flux and LED technology now becoming the norm for growers, the California Lightworks website was in need of a tune-up to better reflect the modern market.

This quarter, we focused on revamping CLW’s website to reflect shifting trends, present relevant content to a modern audience, and utilize the most up-to-date language in the growing industry. See the updates here.

Introducing Video Production

At LookinLA, we are always striving to stay on the forefront of innovation. At the beginning of 2021, we decided to revamp our production team to take things to the next level by expanding the range of services we can provide our clients. With video marketing now one of the most important ways to reach customers, our focus was creating video and animated content for our clients.

Now, a few of these projects are out of the post-production phase and we are excited to share them with you!

We are thrilled to share the videos we’ve produced for PeopleG2 and nuts inbox this quarter.


In this short commercial, we cover PeopleG2’s background check services with creativity and humor. The result is an attention-grabbing ad that succinctly explains PeopleG2’s value proposition in less than two minutes.

At first glance, PeopleG2’s array of services can feel overwhelming. We knew animation would be a great medium to offer some clarity. This simple script combined with visuals shows prospective customers exactly what they’re getting with PeopleG2.

nuts inbox

Appealing to the health-conscious consumer, this commercial addresses the core reasons nuts inbox is an invaluable product: fueling, nutritious snacks served in a convenient package.

By starting with a common pain point and immediately presenting a solution, this playful commercial shows the appeal of nuts inbox from the getgo – and accounts for multiple buyer personas in a single video.

Fresh Off The Presses

As our list of partners and range of services expands, so does our broader authority in the marketing industry. As LookinLA gains more traction as a top digital marketing company, we have been given more and more opportunities to share our knowledge with a wider audience. This quarter, our CEO Ali Payani published two articles in Forbes and contributed to one:

Predictions about how the B2B market is poised to grow and change in 2021 and beyond.

As Millennials become the dominant decision-makers in the B2B sphere, how do you revamp your strategy to appeal to a new generation?

Ali was included as one of 10 CEOs providing guidance on the decision-making process. 

Ali was also featured in the Business 2 Community blog:

3 Website A/B Testing Tools

A/B testing is becoming more and more common as teams realize how important it is for a website’s success.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Web is a huge, competitive marketplace with very few (if any) untapped markets, meaning that being successful by offering something unique is rare. Much more common is that you’re competing for the business of your customers with several other websites, so attempting to convert every visitor into a customer or upselling/cross-selling your services better could make all the difference to your bottom line.

Due to this, the market for A/B testing tools and CRO (conversion rate optimization) tools is growing exponentially. But choosing one can be quite a time-consuming challenge, so in this article, I’ll compare the best A/B testing tools to help you decide which is most suitable for you or your team.

A/B testing is about experimenting with visual and content changes to see which results in more conversions.A/B testing often follows usability testing as a means of testing a solution to a flaw in the user experience identified using metrics like bounce rate in an analytics tool like Google Analytics, and thanks to the depth and quality of A/B testing tools available now, A/B testing is accessible to designers as well as marketers and developers.


1. Optimizely

Optimizely is one of the leading — if not the leading — A/B testing and CRO tools on the market today. It offers analytics tools to suit users of all levels and a multitude of A/B testing tools. (You could think of it as the Google Analytics of A/B testing, with a much simpler user interface.)

Consider this scenario: You have an eCommerce store built with Magento. You’re aware that in certain cases it may benefit stores to add a one-step checkout solution instead of the standard multi-page checkout, but you’re not sure if your store fits that use case. You need to test both options and compare the results with/without the one-step checkout experience. You know that running two versions of the checkout simultaneously requires changes to the code, which is a complex matter.

With Optimizely, you can send a certain amount of your users to a totally separate checkout experience to collect conversion data. If the experiment yields negative results, you delete the experiment and the original checkout web page still exists and works fine. No harm was done.

With their Web Experimentation tool, which offers an easy-to-use visual editor to create A/B tests without requiring a developer (optional), the ability to target specific user types and segments, and create experiments on any device, Optimizely has all your bases covered.

Although you can run A/B tests without a developer, your variations can be more targeted (for example, your variations can go beyond color, layout and content changes) if you have the skills and/or resources to develop custom experiments with code. By integrating your A/B tests into your code, you can serve different logic and test major changes before pushing them live.

Also, if your product extends beyond the web, Optimizely works with iOS, tvOS and Android apps. Optimizely’s Full Stack integrations make it possible to integrate A/B tests into virtually any codebase, including Python, Java, Ruby, Node, PHP, C#, Swift, and Android.

2. Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a free, easy-to-use tool that integrates directly with your Google Analytics Events and Goals to make A/B testing quick and easy! It’s ideal for traditional A/B testing, focusing on comparing different CTA (call to action) elements, colors, and content.

Developers aren’t required for implementing Google Optimize since it’s as simple as adding a line of JavaScript to your website and then customizing your layout with the visual editor. With this, you can change the content, layout, colors, classes, and HTML of any element within your page.

It’s not as sophisticated as Optimizely, since it doesn’t allow you to create custom experiments with code/developers, but it’s free. It’s great for those starting out with A/B testing. For each Google Optimize experiment, you’ll need to specify which Google Analytics Goals or Events will be the baseline for your A/B tests. For example, if you were A/B testing a product page, you could use an “Add To Basket” event that you’ve defined in Google Analytics to evaluate which of your variations converts the best. The Google Analytics report then gives you a clear indication of which variation converts best. It’s ideal for those on a low budget!

Just don’t get carried away, as Google famously once did, by testing 40 different shades of blue to see which converted best!

3. Unbounce

Unbounce focuses on landing pages and convertible tools. Convertible tools use triggers, scenario-based overlays and sticky bars to A/B test offers and messages to learn when, where and why your visitors convert. An example? If a user tries to leave your site, they’re shown a discount code in a modal or a sticky header, and a test will determine which is more effective.

Landing pages can be an amazing way to validate your ideas, build excitement around a new product, and/or re-engage dormant customers. The problem with them is that they can result in false positives. If you get very few conversions you may feel like your idea is invalidated or demand for the new product doesn’t exist, when in reality users were just unimpressed and/or unconvinced by the landing. Unbounce helps you to determine what your landing is missing.

While you can choose from over 100 responsive templates designed for many markets, goals, and scenarios, and then customize it with your own content using their drag and drop UI, you can also integrate Unbounce with your own design, making a terrific solution for designers and marketers who need to collaborate. Unbounce also works with Zapier and Mailchimp, so data can be transferred across the other apps and tools that marketers use.


Author: Jamie Murphy
Source: sitepoint.com

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