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At LookinLA, it’s our mission to help amazing businesses grow with authentic and engaging marketing that surpasses higher profits and customer conversions. We’re passionate about supporting our clients in becoming industry leaders that are the go-to authorities and experts to their customers so they can grow into a thriving brand. 

Our quarterly newsletter, Marketing Matters, is here to help companies like yours stay up-to-date with trending marketing news and our own company’s personal growth. This quarter, we’re excited to share with you our client highlights, new partners, charity endeavors, and more exciting updates!

Client Highlight: Leif Rogers, MD.

We’d like to start this newsletter by giving a big shoutout and congratulations to our client, Leif Rogers, M.D., for earning his latest Youtube Award for reaching 100k subscribers! We are so proud to have helped Leif Rogers, M.D., reach this milestone through our marketing efforts and collaboration.

A Warm Welcome to Our New Partners

We’re excited to announce the five new partners we have brought on: Gig Talent, Globe Trader, Just Fabulous, KPC Products, and Molly Mutt.

Gig Talent Logo

Gig Talent is a talent agency focused on helping HR consultants and leadership coaches do the work they love and connecting forward-thinking organizations with vetted high-caliber talents to help bring their goals to life. They are the go-to resource for businesses looking to tap into top-quality, on-demand HR talent to grow and augment their internal systems and achieve results more efficiently and effectively. They also strive to support HR consultants and leadership coaches to build thriving careers by supporting them with the tools they need while they are using their passion to help organizations succeed. 

Globe Trader Logo

Globe Trader is a company whose number one goal is to simplify wholesale transactions for buyers, sellers, and reps through the use of their innovative software’s intuitive order portal and back-end. They help simplify the wholesale process for each party involved while leveraging their global network of contacts for their customers. Their one-step ordering approach, seamless integration, and international reach put them ahead of the competition.

Just Fabulous Company Logo

Just Fabulous is Palm Springs’s destination lifestyle shop for all things as unique as every customer. The store was designed in 2007 to be everyone’s one-stop shop for gifts, accessories, and home decor. Each piece in the store is personally hand-selected by the owners for a curated feel and exclusive selection. 

KPC Herbs Logo

KPC Products is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine company backed by generations of herbal knowledge, mastery, practice, and trade. They’re committed to offering the best herbs available for therapeutic use. They are a leader in the herbal manufacturing industry and proudly provide only the highest quality herbal products to acupuncturists, practitioners, and traditional Chinese medicine distributors.

Giving Back: Save the Children

Save The Children Logo

In Q4 2021, we began working with Save the Children as part of our initiative to help provide resources and awareness to causes we believe in and care about. Save the Children is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure that all children worldwide have the ability to grow up healthy, educated, and safe. Through the support of partners and donations, Save the Children is able to provide emergency response and support, child sponsorship, advocate for better child welfare policies, and more. 

The team at LookinLA is proud to announce that we have expanded our role in Save the Children’s Leadership Circle to become a Partner for Children. As a Partner for Children, LookinLA is dedicated to providing monthly donations to give children worldwide the chance to grow up in a healthy and safe environment and create lasting change. 

Challenges and Actions for the Tech CEO

With the rise in companies leaning on technology even more in 2022 already, the tech industry and its CEOs, in particular, have their work cut out for them. The new laws and regulations regarding user privacy, the rising need for automation, and the demand for new tech innovations all pose interesting challenges for CEOs. 2022 may bring its challenges to the tech industry this year. Still, it also provides a unique opportunity for tech CEOs to tap into innovation, provide unique solutions, and revamp their strategies to really thrive against the competition. 

While the challenges may feel like they come at a rapid speed and are never-ending, there are action steps you can take to be proactive, stay ahead of the game, and come out on top of 2022 a better company. This blog goes over the unique challenges tech CEOs might face this year and the action steps they can take to stay ahead of the curve and bring more innovation to their organization, strategies, and solutions.

Fresh off the Presses

LookinLA CEO Joins Forbes Business Council

Our CEO, Ali Payani, has accepted the invitation to join Forbes’ Business Council after being a member of Forbes’ Young Entrepreneur Council.

The LA-Based Marketing Agency Expanding Into the Metaverse

LookinLA is expanding our operations into the metaverse to bring our digital marketing expertise into the virtual world. We are excited to be at the forefront of metaverse marketing and help our clients expand their reach and operations into the virtual world. 

LookinLA Partners with ZoomInfo

We’re excited to announce our new lead generation partnership with ZoomInfo, a global leader in modern go-to-market software, data, and intelligence. Through this new partnership, both LookinLA and ZoomInfo will share qualified leads with each company’s sales teams to fulfill customers’ needs with world-class data and marketing solutions. 

3 Website A/B Testing Tools

A/B testing is becoming more and more common as teams realize how important it is for a website’s success.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Web is a huge, competitive marketplace with very few (if any) untapped markets, meaning that being successful by offering something unique is rare. Much more common is that you’re competing for the business of your customers with several other websites, so attempting to convert every visitor into a customer or upselling/cross-selling your services better could make all the difference to your bottom line.

Due to this, the market for A/B testing tools and CRO (conversion rate optimization) tools is growing exponentially. But choosing one can be quite a time-consuming challenge, so in this article, I’ll compare the best A/B testing tools to help you decide which is most suitable for you or your team.

A/B testing is about experimenting with visual and content changes to see which results in more conversions.A/B testing often follows usability testing as a means of testing a solution to a flaw in the user experience identified using metrics like bounce rate in an analytics tool like Google Analytics, and thanks to the depth and quality of A/B testing tools available now, A/B testing is accessible to designers as well as marketers and developers.


1. Optimizely

Optimizely is one of the leading — if not the leading — A/B testing and CRO tools on the market today. It offers analytics tools to suit users of all levels and a multitude of A/B testing tools. (You could think of it as the Google Analytics of A/B testing, with a much simpler user interface.)

Consider this scenario: You have an eCommerce store built with Magento. You’re aware that in certain cases it may benefit stores to add a one-step checkout solution instead of the standard multi-page checkout, but you’re not sure if your store fits that use case. You need to test both options and compare the results with/without the one-step checkout experience. You know that running two versions of the checkout simultaneously requires changes to the code, which is a complex matter.

With Optimizely, you can send a certain amount of your users to a totally separate checkout experience to collect conversion data. If the experiment yields negative results, you delete the experiment and the original checkout web page still exists and works fine. No harm was done.

With their Web Experimentation tool, which offers an easy-to-use visual editor to create A/B tests without requiring a developer (optional), the ability to target specific user types and segments, and create experiments on any device, Optimizely has all your bases covered.

Although you can run A/B tests without a developer, your variations can be more targeted (for example, your variations can go beyond color, layout and content changes) if you have the skills and/or resources to develop custom experiments with code. By integrating your A/B tests into your code, you can serve different logic and test major changes before pushing them live.

Also, if your product extends beyond the web, Optimizely works with iOS, tvOS and Android apps. Optimizely’s Full Stack integrations make it possible to integrate A/B tests into virtually any codebase, including Python, Java, Ruby, Node, PHP, C#, Swift, and Android.

2. Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a free, easy-to-use tool that integrates directly with your Google Analytics Events and Goals to make A/B testing quick and easy! It’s ideal for traditional A/B testing, focusing on comparing different CTA (call to action) elements, colors, and content.

Developers aren’t required for implementing Google Optimize since it’s as simple as adding a line of JavaScript to your website and then customizing your layout with the visual editor. With this, you can change the content, layout, colors, classes, and HTML of any element within your page.

It’s not as sophisticated as Optimizely, since it doesn’t allow you to create custom experiments with code/developers, but it’s free. It’s great for those starting out with A/B testing. For each Google Optimize experiment, you’ll need to specify which Google Analytics Goals or Events will be the baseline for your A/B tests. For example, if you were A/B testing a product page, you could use an “Add To Basket” event that you’ve defined in Google Analytics to evaluate which of your variations converts the best. The Google Analytics report then gives you a clear indication of which variation converts best. It’s ideal for those on a low budget!

Just don’t get carried away, as Google famously once did, by testing 40 different shades of blue to see which converted best!

3. Unbounce

Unbounce focuses on landing pages and convertible tools. Convertible tools use triggers, scenario-based overlays and sticky bars to A/B test offers and messages to learn when, where and why your visitors convert. An example? If a user tries to leave your site, they’re shown a discount code in a modal or a sticky header, and a test will determine which is more effective.

Landing pages can be an amazing way to validate your ideas, build excitement around a new product, and/or re-engage dormant customers. The problem with them is that they can result in false positives. If you get very few conversions you may feel like your idea is invalidated or demand for the new product doesn’t exist, when in reality users were just unimpressed and/or unconvinced by the landing. Unbounce helps you to determine what your landing is missing.

While you can choose from over 100 responsive templates designed for many markets, goals, and scenarios, and then customize it with your own content using their drag and drop UI, you can also integrate Unbounce with your own design, making a terrific solution for designers and marketers who need to collaborate. Unbounce also works with Zapier and Mailchimp, so data can be transferred across the other apps and tools that marketers use.


Author: Jamie Murphy
Source: sitepoint.com

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