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About Us

LookinLA is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles. Using a data-driven approach, our company works with all industries and oversees every step of the marketing plan, from strategy to execution to optimization. We offer something better than marketing theory; we design plans that are based on real data, tested, measured, and optimized to ensure real results.

Our Mission

We believe a cutting-edge company deserves recognition as an industry authority. We also believe that the biggest obstacle standing between innovative businesses and market domination is optimal visibility—the challenge of getting in front of the right buyers at the right time in the right way. Our purpose is to position exceptional businesses at the forefront of their industry using data-backed marketing strategies that evolve alongside an ever-advancing digital world.

Our Beginnings

LookinLA was founded in Dubai in 2014. Our aim was simple: We wanted to help small businesses grow using the latest digital marketing trends. We recognized that by harnessing the power of data, we could help entrepreneurs gain ground in a competitive market with a custom plan that fit their company, their needs, and their goals.

Our Present

Since our beginnings in Dubai, LookinLA is now a full-service digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles. We serve businesses of all sizes and revenue models from more than 15 different industries. Our team includes award-winning designers, marketers, and developers who know how to get real results in an increasingly digital world.

Our Future

We believe we owe it to the businesses we serve to remain at the forefront of technology. As we look toward the future of digital marketing, our team is continuously developing new software to advance the artificial intelligence and automation technology that ensure effective ad outreach. We innovate so our clients stay competitive.

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