Let us guess, you’ve heard the phrase, “small businesses are the backbone of the economy” so many times that you can now recite it, right? There has been a lot of current events surrounding small businesses and their significance, but did you know that is because 99.7% of all US firms with paid employees are small businesses? It’s true. That’s why our leadership team here at LookinLA would like to take this opportunity to highlight our constant appreciation for our employees and their dedicated work.

In addition to their volume, small businesses are important for many reasons. They support economic health, encourage competition, boost innovation, and create jobs. At this time, more than ever, it’s extremely vital that economic players of all sizes do their part to support and bolster small businesses. As a small business ourselves, we understand first hand just how important it is for us to recognize all the efforts — both big and small — that play into our success.

Since 2017, we’ve been a full-service digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles. Our data-driven approach allows our team members to work with all industries and oversee every step of the marketing process — from strategy to execution to optimization.

Over the years, we’ve successfully helped position exceptional businesses at the forefront of their industry by using data-backed marketing strategies that evolve alongside an ever-advancing digital world.

However, along with this success comes our knowledge of just how competitive our market is. We’re proud to be ranked amongst the top marketing strategy agencies in Los Angeles by The Manifest, a platform that helps consumers find the best industry leaders.

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Our presence on such an online platform allows us to receive feedback through unbiased, verified client reviews. In our most recent review, the CEO of a skincare company took the time to share their thoughts about our ongoing engagement.

In this engagement, we’re providing SEO and social media marketing efforts in order to analyze what does and doesn’t work for our client. As a result of our efforts, our client’s metrics have tripled and their customer acquisition rate has increased.

The CEO had this to say about our partnership, “LookinLA understands marketing better than most companies I’ve come across in the industry.”

We’re so grateful for all of our partners who have left us reviews. This feedback helps us recognize our employees’ contribution so we can acknowledge and celebrate their successes.Ready to start your next project with our talented team