Think an in-house marketing department is always better than bringing an outside agency on board? I encourage you to think again.

 I speak with a lot of C-level executives who wonder if they should stick with an in-house marketing strategist. Whether they already have a team established or they’re thinking of making a hire, they’re curious if there is anything to be gained from working with outsiders.

Sure, it might be great to work remotely with a firm (especially in the midst of a pandemic). And it’s true that working with an agency like mine means access to more marketing professionals for a fraction of what it costs to hire them.

But still, business owners can’t imagine that an outside team could understand their brand on the same intimate level. They don’t want to waste precious time explaining their market to new partners. They think working with a marketing agency means competing with other clients for time and attention.

None of these things are true. 

In fact, I’d go so far as to say my team beats your team in efficiency, expertise, and performance.  

Here’s how.

1- We’re Faster Than Your In-house Marketing Team

Everybody promises to work at top speeds. But when I say my team is fast, I don’t just mean we turn around projects quickly (although we do).

I mean we plan quickly. We analyze your business and market quickly to discover untapped opportunities. We eliminate the time waste that comes with miscommunication and failed experiments. 

We even observe marketing metrics in real-time so we can make immediate adjustments to capitalize on a successful strategy

Sure, your team may be able to rush a project for you.

But my team knows how to rush results.

How We Do It

We combine market research with our own expertise to immediately identify opportunities to improve your marketing and sales processes. Here’s how that works: 

  1. Observe the details. In our exploration meeting with stakeholders and c-levels, we zero in on the facts that matter. Our team sees your assets, your resources, and your potential to stand out within your market. We weigh the strengths and weaknesses of your current positioning. We identify how your current strategy is helping or hindering your growth. By recognizing all these details right away, our team is able to have an immediate discussion with you about the path forward.
  2. Ask all the questions. We know what lies ahead, which means we already know what information we need from you. So we ask everything upfront. This way, my team is all set to launch into your marketing strategy without the drag of back-and-forth clarification emails.
  3. A streamlined system for planning and execution. Believe it or not, you benefit from the fact that my team serves other clients. We have to have a seamless procedure for managing workflow and maintaining regular internal communication. Thanks to these systems and standards, we’re always in sync with each other and with you. There’s no backtracking on projects and no starting over.  

2- We Set a High Standard for Communication and Response Time

As marketers, we know communication is everything. One misunderstanding or neglected email can turn into wasted time or lost opportunities. 

I do whatever it takes to make sure you and I are on the same page and that my team is available to you through the fastest and most effective method available.

How We Do It 

  1. Define the right process for communication. From the moment our partnership begins, our consultants clarify our point of contact at your company. We make ourselves familiar with each team member’s role within your organization so we can direct any follow-up questions to the right person. We also make sure our team knows your preferred method of communication.
  2. Set up the right tools. Together, our two teams figure out what tools are needed for video meetings, screen sharing, project management, and other communication essentials. Then we make sure we all have these tools set up and ready to go. 
  3. Unlimited meetings. We have to do what it takes to grow your business. This might mean having a marathon meeting so my team can learn the details of your services. It might mean logging on for an urgent video call to create a marketing strategy for a new, time-sensitive product. Because these meetings are so essential, I don’t put any limits on the number or length of client meetings. And there is never an extra charge for connecting.
  4. Regular video calls. You need to know how planning and execution is going on our end so you can ensure our efforts align with your own. We need to know about any new innovations or messaging within your company. To that end, we schedule regular video calls with your C-levels and management team.
  5. Open Door Policy. My team is here whenever you need us to discuss your concerns and discover solutions. This has always been our policy, but it’s especially important as your team finds its way through a recession. We’re here to help you overcome and thrive.

3- We’re Experts . . . In Our Industry and Yours

My team is obsessive about professional growth. Each professional is highly skilled in their area of expertise and works tirelessly to stay on top of changing trends. 

And we apply that same dedication to expanding our knowledge of your field.

We believe we can only make you look like an expert if we’re experts. We can only make sure you’re ahead of the competition if we’re ahead of the competition. You can depend on us to do exactly that.

How We Do It

  1. Set up a system for continuous learning in your field. We regularly research both the trends within your market and the products or services you offer. Every member of my team learns the terminology, major players, and new developments that define your field.
  2. Follow leading companies for industry updates. We keep an eye on other industry leaders to make sure we don’t miss a beat when it comes to new innovation and effective messaging.
  3. Practice with case studies. We look to case studies in both our field and yours to discover new methods, avoid errors, and identify trends. 
  4. Professional development for our team members. The digital marketing landscape changes every day. So it’s important to us that our team members have the resources they need to remain experts in the field. We provide our staff with courses and content that enable them to develop and sharpen essential skills.

4- We tell you “NO.”

This may be one of the most important distinctions between my team and yours. 

Your in-house marketing department and team worry more than I do about validating your vision and keeping you happy. If you’re eager to try a new idea, they’ll probably follow through, even if their own marketing instincts tell them it’s not the best call.

Not us. If you or your team suggests a strategy or idea that will harm your brand, your company, or your performance, we won’t do it. Here’s what we will do.

We believe that if we’re going to shoot down an idea, we need to offer an alternative solution.

If you propose a not-so-solid idea, my team and I zero in on the problem behind the idea. What sparked this thought? What concerns are you trying to alleviate? What does this tell us about your goals or challenges within the market? 

We discuss these issues with you, then propose a solution that gets the results you want.

How We Do It

My team meets with stakeholders and C-levels regularly to make sure we are well-versed on your company’s goals and challenges. This way, you don’t have to worry about my team and I missing the mark when we propose alternatives to your strategy. We understand exactly what you’re going for. 

Above all, my goal is to build trust between your team and mine.

One of the biggest reasons companies hesitate to hire a marketing firm is because they can’t imagine outsiders caring about the success of their business. 

But the staff at LookinLA is not just here to execute marketing services. Every member of our team is passionate about helping businesses thrive. We see every client as a partner, and we are as invested in your growth as you are.