Shopify has been growing at lightning speed. In terms of numbers, that’s a growth of 126% year over year. A 2016 study showed that 1 out of every 3 American consumers had made a purchase from an eCommerce store powered by Shopify. And now, more than 3,600 businesses have made the switch to Shopify Plus, the popular platform’s best option for growing enterprises.

If you already use Shopify, you know how user-friendly and efficient this SaaS platform is. But if your customer base is steadily expanding or you’re looking for new ways to scale your business, it may be time to consider upgrading to Shopify Plus. From managing high volume to creating streamlined, automated systems to boost conversions, this higher-tier option is our favorite solution for the clients we work with. Now, to help you decide if Shopify Plus is the best investment for your eCommerce business, we’ve rounded up the five greatest benefits of upgrading.

Shopify Plus Supports Growth and Scalability

Whether your booming business is already in need of a more accommodating platform or you’ve just got your eye on the future, Shopify Plus offers several features that cater to growth. For one thing, the platform is designed to handle explosive success with unlimited bandwidth and up to 200 TB of storage capacity. The servers can handle thousands of orders each minute and up to four million hits each second, which means your site is prepared to perform its best even as your brand grows from a promising small business to a market leader.

Shopify Plus also provides wholesale functionality, allowing you to run a separate, wholesale/B2B site through your existing Shopify account. No additional account needed, which means no additional fees. You can accommodate an entirely new class of buyers without paying extra.

More Customization Options Than Ever

Shopify has always offered user-friendly customization options, but it’s only with Shopify Plus that the world truly is your oyster. You have access to more than 100 premium themes with seemingly endless customization options. Plus, you can customize the checkout experience even further using JavaScript and CCS.

The designs available in Shopify Plus are all responsive, so whatever aesthetic and functions you choose, you can trust that your online store looks great and is easy to navigate on any device. Considering that around ¼ of all ecommerce purchases are now made on a mobile device, a responsive design is absolutely essential for survival in the online marketplace.

In addition to customizing your online store, Shopify Plus provides even more options for app integrations. This tier allows a much higher volume of API calls, which means you can do whatever it takes to make inventory control, customer service, marketing, and wholesale sales a simple, streamlined process.

Integration and Automation to Boost Conversions and Customer Relationships

As an online store owner, you know customer connection and buyer experience are central to establishing a successful eCommerce business. This is especially true if you only do business online. Your digital shop must feel familiar, helpful, and fun for your buyers—otherwise, they may not convert and they may not come back.

Shopify Plus has a few great features to help you make the most of your customer “interactions.” First, there’s the Shopify Flow feature, which allows you to pre-program automated processes based on customer behaviors and events. When you run a business in person, it’s much easier to handle buyer interactions on an if-then basis. “If this customer comes in once a week, then we go the extra mile to take care of them personally, extend special offers, ask them for a referral, etc.” Shopify Flow helps you similarly with a set flow of triggers, conditions, and actions. For example, if a customer places an order over a designated price, then Shopify activates a response, like alerting you so you can reach out personally or extend a special offer.

This platform also makes the checkout process easier and more accommodating than ever. You can offer customers a wide variety of payment options, including PayPal, Google Pay, and cryptocurrency. Buyers can choose to save their payment, billing, and shipping information, so their next purchase is as easy “Add To Cart”, “Checkout”, and “Confirm Order.” And the built-in payment gateway requires no additional fees or transaction fees for you, so everybody wins.

Efficient and Reliable Systems for Promotions and Product Events

While special deals and new products can mean a major boost in sales, creating these events is more easily said than done. Shopify Plus is optimized to help you streamline everything so your messaging, promises, and checkout process are all in alignment.

Shopify’s Scripting feature allows you to fully customize discounts, from percentage-based discounts and free gifts to tiered pricing and product bundles. For product launches and store updates, Shopify Plus offers the Launchpad tool. With Launchpad, you can schedule events in your eCommerce store, programming bulk changes such as:

  • Theme changes to heighten the visibility of content specific to your event
  • Channel-specific visibility of products and pricing
  • Lockdown of your store for a specific length of time
  • Captcha integration

Launchpad provides a way for you to prepare for major events with more confidence and less expense.

Enhanced Support and Guidance for Your Ecommerce Store

When it comes to investing in any SaaS platform, customer support should be among your top considerations. You can’t afford to waste time scrolling through troubleshooting forums trying to make sense of your latest roadblock. If you’re already a Shopify user, you know the eCommerce platform is on top of the customer service experience by providing 24/7 support. But Shopify Plus offers you something even better than stellar customer support. 

As a Shopify Plus business, you are assigned a dedicated Success Manager. This is a real individual who can answer your questions and provide additional services to ensure your business thrives. They help you develop strategies to reach your sales goal, assist with store setup and custom integrations, guide you through design modifications, and even provide insight if you’re thinking of expanding your eCommerce site to international buyers.

In other words, Shopify Plus is designed to provide the resources to help you excel and the guidance you need to use those resources wisely.

Bottom Line: Is Shopify Plus Worth It?

If you are a mid-level company or serious about fast growth, then yes, Shopify Plus is absolutely worth the upgrade. You save countless hours and resources thanks to intelligent, automated processes, you make the buying experience easier than ever for your customers, and you have personalized support right at your fingertips.

And if there’s anything we can do to help you set up your eCommerce brand through Shopify and market your thriving business online, please drop us a line. We’re always happy to help exceptional companies transform into market leaders.