You know the growth of your business depends on a profit-generating digital marketing strategy.

But you probably also know that when it comes to promoting your business online, the possibilities are endless. Not to mention, the more you look into your digital marketing options, the more you discover how necessary it is to work out the relationship between your budget and your digital marketing goals. There are myriad tools, subscriptions, and services out there to boost your brand, but the expense can add up if you try every available option. And when it comes to effectively driving brand awareness, consideration, and conversions, you have to make every dollar count.

Fortunately, there are some high-performing tools that offer free packages to help you make the most of your digital marketing budget. You can always upgrade to paid packages, but at least these tools give you the chance to test your current digital marketing strategy with limited financial risk.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite free tools to get you started. Each one of these has real potential to boost conversions with zero expense from you.


all in one marketing tool

As every business owner knows, search engine rankings are crucial for getting your name out there and boosting profits. SEMrush is super popular and comprehensive SEO tool. There are several paid packages to choose from, but even a free subscription gives you access to invaluable tools.

You can use the Position Tracking tool to track how you and your competitor are ranking for select keywords by location and device type. The Site Audit gives you a score for the overall health of your website as well as suggestions for improvement. You get access to keyword and domain analytics, backlink reports, and a full dashboard to track the metrics of a single project. SEMrush even helps you research topic and SEO ideas so you can create stellar content to boost visibility.

Moz Local

business listing tool

Even if you’re a brick-and-mortar operation, having your business listing online is crucial. But in the Wild West of the Internet, it’s easy to wind up with inaccurate contact information . . . and therefore, lost business. With Moz Local, all you have to do is create your business listing and this free tool will distribute it across the web and ensure all listings are accurate. This tool also offers a free listing score so you can see how you’re doing. Your account even gives you access to a dashboard with instant alerts every time someone posts a review, so you can respond quickly to customer concerns (or adoration).


email automation service

SendPulse describes itself as “more than just an email service” . . . and that about sums it up. With SendPulse, you have a wide range of options for connecting with customers and sending notifications and CTAs. This tool assists with email automation as well as browser notifications, SMS messages, Facebook Messenger connections, and instant messages through Viber. It’s essentially a single tool to organize every option for connecting with customers and driving conversions.


email marketing tool

Of course, email remains a classic go-to for all digital marketers, thanks to a consistently high ROI. One reason why email marketing has such a high return on investment? It’s relatively inexpensive, especially with a tool like Mailchimp. Through Mailchimp, you can automate emails, set up campaigns, manage subscriber lists, and optimize your email marketing system with features like personalization and A/B testing.

If This Then That (Hootsuite and Buffer)

social media marketing tool

You may already know about great free social media marketing tools like Buffer and Hootsuite. If This Then That (IFTTT) takes the idea of content scheduling and automation one brilliant step further. This tool helps you sync your social media account and set up an entire system of digital marketing cause-and-effect. For example, you can program IFTTT to automatically share your tweets to Facebook.

It’s one thing to be able to schedule strategized social media posts. But with IFTTT, you can set up a system where even that spontaneous Instagram picture is automatically shared across every platform without any extra effort on your part.  


marketing design tool

Image is everything, especially in marketing. Canva is an intuitive tool for designing everything you need to look good online, including logos, infographics, and social media images. This tool includes attractive templates, as well as free photos and icons. Even if you don’t consider yourself a strong visual artist, trust us: Canva’s set up is so user-friendly, anyone can design nice looking graphics that establish an impressive brand image.


video marketing tool

We’re constantly talking about the importance of video marketing in boosting conversion rate, but we also realize a lot of businesses are overwhelmed by the potential cost. Fortunately, there are free tools to help you stay competitive with engaging video content. One of our favorites is Powtoon. This tool allows you to create just about any type of video you need, from YouTube ads to explainer videos.

Answer the Public

SEO tools

Content creation is absolutely essential to maintaining a relevant, high-ranking position in the digital world. Of course, every time you sit down to plan a content marketing strategy, you face the same question.

What information is most meaningful to my target audience?

It’s always useful to have an SEO tool like SEMrush that can help you develop an effective keyword strategy. But we suggest supplementing that information with the insights you gain from Answer the Public. This free digital marketing tool gives you a look at the specific questions and long-form searches that come from Internet users. All you do is enter a specific keyword or topic, and Answer the Public shows you dozens of relevant searches to help you better serve your audience.

Google Analytics

google analytics marketing analytics tool

It’s hardly an obscure digital marketing tool, but Google Analytics is still worth mentioning, because it’s free, it’s essential, and it should be a go-to for every business. Google Analytics provides comprehensive metrics for your online performance. You can find out where your traffic is coming from, how many views each page receives, average visit duration, bounce rate, real-time tracking, and visitor demographics. You can even set up and track specific goals for your website. These details all give you more power when it comes to managing your digital reach and growing your business online.

What we love most about these tools is that they help you strategize effectively at every phase of digital marketing. They give you insights necessary to devise a deliberate plan before you dive in to execution. They help you create engaging content and effective outreach when you’re ready to put your marketing strategy into action. And they support you as you monitor and optimize your digital marketing efforts.

However, as useful and intuitive as these tools are, we also know digital marketing can be extensive and time-consuming. If there’s anything we can do to help you turn tools like these into major business growth, reach out to us at any time. We’re always happy to speak with you.