Where is your business? Staying up to date with the last technologies and trends? Or has your business become stuck in its ways? Doing things the traditional way without adapting to the newer way of the world? For those stuck in older ways, it’s time you wake up to the new world, especially when it comes to marketing.

Differences Between Traditional and Digital Marketing

Two types of marketing exist today: traditional and digital marketing. Traditional marketing has been around since business was first built. It consists of advertising through mediums such as newspaper, magazines, TV, radio, flyers, direct mail, brochures, and banners. While these tactics may be long-standing, they’re not the most effective. As of today, 60% of marketers across various industries have already shifted their efforts towards digital marketing. That’s because traditional marketing is:

  • Very expensive – It costs $30 to reach 1,000 viewers on primetime TV. To reach that exact same amount from an online search ad costs $1. Additionally, 86% of people skip TV ads and 44% never even open direct mail. There’s no question – traditional marketing costs outlandish amounts for unproductivity.
  • Targeting everyone, not the right one – Think of a billboard. Hundreds of people see it, but how many of them are actually part of your target market? There’s no way here to ensure the right people are being exposed to your ad, and you waste money as a result.
  • Impossible to measure ROI Was your campaign successful? There’s no real way to know. Traditional marketing doesn’t include trackable measures, leaving you in the dark.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing

On the other hand, lies digital marketing. It refers to all marketing done online and includes social media marketing, email marketing, search ads, search engine optimization, remarketing, and more. These methods prove the most effective today, and every business attempting to grow should take up these tactics. Digital marketing is the way to go because:

  • You can target your ideal audience – Digital marketing lets you pick the exact demographic and psychographic specification of your ideal audience. That way, only the right people see your ad and you’re not wasting money on an unqualified audience.
  • You can personalize your content to your audience – Depending on the demographics of your different customers, digital marketing lets you target different groups of people with different messages. This kind of personalization gets your advertising noticed!
  • It’s affordable – Even with the cost of an agency, you’d be paying a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing when you go digital. (See our guide to choosing the right digital marketing agency here)
  • You get a clear measurement of ROI – Many tools exist to tell you exactly how many people saw, engaged with, and even purchased from your digital marketing. This easily allows you to understand your ROI and what types of messages perform best on what channels.

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